I would like to make too additions to my best movies of 2011, because that is my prerogative.

1)  Young Adult – Juno was a complete disaster, filled with too cool posturing and awkwardly hip dialogue.  That said, I’m kind of obsessed with Young Adult, it’s raw and hostile, Charlize Theron plays a horrible (probably mentally ill) person who acts terribly, gets no redemption and ends in a worse position than where she started.  The performance are impressive.  This is Diablo Cody’s Taxi Driver, just focused on whatever’s her tip.

2)  Senna – It’s cliche to say, but if this documentary was made into a movie, the story would be rejected for being too outlandish.

The End


There will be 7 posts on Chris Knauer dot com in 2011, I promise at least 8 in 2012, even if I have to burn through all eight in late December.

For curation’s sake, here is my best of 2011 for music:

10)  Black Lips – Arabia
9)  Marissa Nadler – s/t
8)  Thee Oh Sees – Castlemania
7)  Ty Segel – Goodbye Bread
6)  Wild Flag – s/t
5)  The Ettes – Wicked Will
4)  PJ Harvey – Let England Shake
2 & 3)  Fucked Up – David Comes to Life / David’s Town

1)  Destroyer – Kaputt

Best Concert was Ted Leo solo at Kung Fu Necktie, runner up to either the 3rd Ted Leo I saw in 2011 where he threw Peanut Chews into the crowd, or The Ettes at M Room.

Best movies, sadly lacking, did not go to the movies much:

6)  Project Nim
5)  Tree of Life
4)  Martha, Marcy May, Marlene
3)  The Trip
2)  Meek’s Cutoff
1)  Melancholia – I think Meek’s Cutoff might be the best film I saw in 2011, but Melancholia resonated with me and I still think about it a lot.  If you were to ask me the best film of 2011 in 2021, I bet I’d say Melancholia.

Onward and upward in 2012.

Sleepy City

Hey everyone.  It’s been a really long time since I last posted, maybe a new record for time between posts.  Not a whole lot to say, other than to replant my internet presence flag and let people who only keep tabs on me through Chris Knauer dot com (is that anyone?) know I’m still alive.

Some concert errata to clean up, then I’m fading back out, maybe for only a day or maybe I’m gone for good.

Ted Leo at Kung Fu Necktie – Teddy Rockstar is probably my current favorite musician.  5 great albums over the past 10 years, his live shows always kill and he seems like a genuine and nice dude.  So  three cheers for Ted Leo.  And a fourth for closing the set with Timorous Me (Best TL song), a sing-a-long chorus version of Bottled in Cork and a cover of Back Seat of My Car.

F’ed Up and Jeff the The Brotherhood – not a lot to say other than it was extremely hot, to the point I was melting.  F’ed up isn’t really my scene, but David Comes Alive is an early (midseason?) contender for album of the year.  And while I certainly will admit to be a little bit scared for my bodily safety, I’m 1000% sure that the hardcore show crowds are much nicer than say the people who go see some doofus band like Kings of Leon.

Marissa Nadler – the best place to see a show in the city is the side chapel of the FU Church, for acoustic set it’s not even close.  Ms. Nadler has long been a favorite, and I always make it a point to check out her shows, even her canceled show a few years ago led to the famous/imfamous Bodies of Water shout out.  What up you guys?  Anyway she was predictable great, and for the second show in three tries the artist closed with my favorite song (Silvia).

The Ettes/Heavy Cream – First time seeing a show at M room, cool place, and I always love shows where the audience is half members of the openers and half of the other half’s “tickets” were cover charges.  I thought both The Ettes and Heavy Cream killed it, and I’m going to attempt to say this is the least learing and creepy way possible, but ladies, keys to my heart – play in a garage rock band.  You’re welcome.

Sorry if this was too long, didn’t read, but you know what, you made it this far, so I am the one who is laughing last.  Anyway, I know the only person who is going to read this is future me, trying to fight through the haze to remember what concerts he attended in mid2011.

The end

Good Vibrations

I’m torn on this one:  Last Thursday I had tickets to Titus Andronicus, only problem was I feel asleep at 7:15(!) and didn’t wake up until 9:45, almost two hours after doors.  In my sleepy haze I almost forgot about the show completely, when I finally came to I had to book it over to 1st Unitarian Church, I arrived to find Titus Andronicus just finishing soundcheck and within 5 minutes they were playing.  So do I hate myself for being a past his prime scenster who can barely make it to week night rock shows because he’s falling asleep BEFORE they start, or am I impressed with my internal clock for saving me from endless sound checks and set changes.

Oh, and review wise, Titus Andronicus were great.

Here’s a video in which I perform the role of extra:

How does one start a blog post?  I never have any idea, although this seems to work.  Anyway, Thursday night I had one of those weird concert experiences you’re always hoping for when you buy tickets indiscriminately.  Slutever, The Pipettes, North Star Bar, $12.

Skipping past the charmingly terrifying trolley ride over to North Star, I first knew something was up when I snuck a  peek at the will cal list and it was 7 people long.  Made my way to the show room, which looked like an abandoned Red Lobster, the kind of place where Bruce Springsteen 45s played at 33 1/3 wouldn’t be out of place.  The first opener went on, I remember them sounding like Heart, at this time it became readily apparent that the audience demographics could be broken down as follows (ordered by relative size):

1) opening band’s friends and family
2) members of the bands
3) people there for the headliner (I would say there were 6 to 8 of us)

The first band finished up, they were fine.  20 minute set change, which was one of the more interesting I’ve seen because part of the stage’s back wall is removable and opens to the street, and all the equipment moves through this porthole, presumably to waiting vans.

Next up Slutever, to them I say whatever.  Get it?  Get it!  I’m kidding, pretty good stuff.  Drum and guitar, sound-a-likes, Patti Smith, Be Your Own Pet.

Finally, after spending nearly 3 hours alternating between leaning against the back bar and wandering around, The Pipettes went on stage.  Now there’s only one original Pipette left from the relative glory days, and they only played 4 songs the first album, but I kind of really loved the whole thing anyway.  It was a noble exercise trying to resurrect 60s girl groups, with the matching outfits, the anonymous backing band, the harmonies and the synchronized hand, I would not mind at all if this what all music was like (okay, fine, I’d probably hate it after 4 months), but watching the spectacle of the thing in a dingy room at 11PM on Thursday with 10 other true believers was kind of amazing.  Also, good on you friends and family of the opener for staying until the end, I’d have been out of there so fast, you’re heads would have spun.

Longest post ever?

Medicine Wheel

My record store day haul, got out of there spending less than last year.  I was appauled that some weird hipster dad brought his infant, there were times I was terrified of being trampled by overzealous Piebald fans, you can’t bring a kid to Record Store Day.


Destroyer live is as if that 80s movie trope where every dive bar band had a horn section had been real, persisted and been filter through Electronic Resonance.  That means I liked it.

High on the album too;

Moderns Kicks

Really great, early contender for album of the year.  At least until that Big Gold Belt EP drops on my head.  Let England Shake has already clinched best liner note with, “Track A1 xylophone melody adapted from song “Instanbul (not Constantinople) by Jimmy Kennedy and Nat Simon, used by permission of Carlin Music Corp.”